Dr. Shea Stark of Pro Chiropractic Bozeman Elected President of American Chiropractic Association Sports Council (ACASC)

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Pro Chiropractic is well known for its first-class services. As a testament to the remarkable knowledge, training and motivation of the Doctors on staff, Dr. Shea Stark was recently elected President of the top promoting association in the field of sports chiropractic.

September 2, 2019

In exciting news for Pro Chiropractic, Dr. Shea Stark from our offices has been elected by the American Chiropractic Association Sports Council (ACASC) as their new President. The ACASC is a leading professional and educational nonprofit organization for active chiropractors, committed to improving and promoting chiropractic treatment of athletes of all kinds.

Dr. Stark has had a role in service to the ACASC since her days as a student, active in the student ACASC executive committee. Additionally, she has previously served in the role of Secretary and 1 st Vice President of the ACA Sports Council. “Dr. Stark is going to bring a great deal of knowledge, experience, and passion to her new role as President of the ACASC,” commented a spokesperson from Pro Chiropractic. “All of our enthusiasm for working with athletes is through the ceiling, especially Dr. Stark, who we are tremendously proud of.”

When asked about her recent election to the role of ACASC President, Dr. Stark replied, “I am excited to continue serving the chiropractic profession in this office. My hope is to increase the awareness of sports chiropractic through the many events offered by the Sports Council’s Chiropractic Sports Network.”

The right choice in chiropractor can be life-changing when it comes to rehabilitating an injury or optimizing athletic performance. In Bozeman and Belgrade, Montana and surrounding areas there’s no question that Pro Chiropractic is leading the way, winning remarkable praise from patients as the top rated and best reviewed chiropractic clinic in Montana.

In addition to sports chiropractic services, Pro Chiropractic also covers every other kind of chiropractic need. They encourage potential patients to call and set up an appointment. Dr. Stark continues to accept new and existing patients at Pro Chiropractic locations in Bozeman and Belgrade Montana.

Dr Shea Stark - President ACASC - Proc Chiro Bozeman MT

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