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Meet Dr. Wilhelm

Meet Dr. Wilhelm Jonathan M. Wilhelm / Chiropractic Physician Dr. Jonathan Wilhelm was born in Circle, Montana and moved to Bozeman, Montana at age 3 and has called the Gallatin Valley home since. He attended Montana State University in the Pre-Med program, where he...

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Low Back Pain after Car Accident

Lower Back Pain After an Accident Autоmоbilе accidents оссur every day. Unfortunately, dаmаgе from these сrаѕhеѕ isn’t аlwауѕ limitеd tо thе vehicles invоlvеd. On thе liѕt of соmmоn injuriеѕ саuѕеd bу car accidents, back injuriеѕ rank high. In fact, lower back pain is...

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Backpack Safety

Backpack Safety With a new school year starting soon, I thought it was important to spread the word on backpack safety. These days, children come home with backpacks full of gargantuan textbooks and binders overflowing with assignments and homework; which is great...

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Premature Labor Facts

Facts about Premature Labor Premature labor is defined as labor that begins before 37 weeks gestation. It may occur in 5-10% of all pregnancies and may be caused by a multitude of factors including: - Dehydration - Infection - Trauma - Premature membrane rupture -...

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