Spinal Adjustments

Spinal Injury

Treatment for your Workman’s Comp Injuries

Our Belgrade and Bozeman chiropractors can effectively treat your worker’s compensation injury so that you can get back to work with less pain and greater mobility. Worker’s compensation injury cases at our clinic regularly include back and neck injuries. We also treat complex work injuries including repetitive and cumulative stress extremity injuries. At our worker’s comp chiropractic clinic, we not only work on healing your injuries, we will also work closely with your employer and workman’s compensation provider in accordance with state workman’s comp guidelines to get you back to work and at maximum improvement rapidly and wholly.
Automobile accidents strike unexpectedly, and although you can often repair a car, the impact they have on your body can last a lifetime, unless you receive the proper care.

Spinal Adjustments

Treatment for your Auto Accident Injuries

Pro Chiropractic Auto Injury Center uses the latest technology and advanced chiropractic techniques, as well as nutrition guidance and physiotherapy, to achieve pain relief and the proper long-term rehabilitation from auto injuries. Dr. Jonathan Wilhelm is known as Bozeman’s Whiplash and Auto Accident Injury Chiropractor. Through his studies of a variety of treatment methods and advanced training, he has developed treatments that work, focusing on the use of natural remedies to make you feel better without the use of medications and surgical procedures.

Because Whiplash and Car Crash Injuries are unique, they require an expertise beyond most injuries.

Call the top-rated Pro Chiropractic Auto Injury Center today to see Dr. Wilhelm for a correct diagnosis and a treatment plan to get you back on the road to a lifelong recovery.

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