Dynamic Taping

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Dynamic Tape is BioMechanical Tape used for new category of sports and therapeutic taping. Dynamic Tape is available to you at Pro Chiropractic in Bozeman and Belgrade, Montana.

Dynamic Tape

Dynamic Tape is not a kinesiology or athletic tape. It is a BioMechanical Tape!  Innovative, 4-way stretching tapes with strong elastic resistance and recoil of varying grades, absorb and inject force to reduce the workload on the body.

This taping methodology aims to directly manage load, modify movement patterns and function. Dynamic Tape does all this with a soft, breathable tape that is of such high quality and strength that professional athletes around the world trust this product every day. From rehabilitation to on field World Championship performance, Dynamic Tape is changing the way we look at sports and therapeutic taping.

Dynamic Tape and Pro Chiro

From the start, one of the Foundational Principles of Pro Chiropractic has been to utilize the finest advancements in technology to offer you the best relief, recovery, and performance!

Dynamic Tape is highly specialized and designed to contribute genuine mechanical force into the kinetic chain. Working like a bungee chord, the unique, strongly elastic Dynamic Tape aims to absorb load, contribute to force generation, improve biomechanical efficiency and modify faulty movement patterns. Load reduction combined with powerful neurophysiological effects may provide prompt pain relief, reduce metabolic demand, facilitate recovery and improve function.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dynamic Tape

How is dynamic tape different?

Imagine a therapy band or thin bungee cord that sticks and moves with you!  Dynamic tape is made of quite different material than most tapes.  Rather than in one direction like most tapes, it stretches in many different directions.  It has much stronger recoil and resistance than most athletic therapy tapes, and is designed to work mechanically to unload tissues, alter movement patterns, and redistribute energy in the body.

How is dynamic tape different than kinesiology tape?

It is SO different!  The material, adhesive, strength, recoil, and purpose of dynamic tape is different than kinesiology tape.  Kinesiology tapes are designed to work neurophysiologically, attempting to alter pain perception, muscle activity or circulation via contact with and lifting of the skin. Dynamic tape is designed to work mechanically, designed to alter movement patterns while absorbing load and re-injecting that energy back into movement, all without limiting range of motion.

What is dynamic tape used for?

Dynamic tape is an supportive clinical tool in the management of muscle strains and ligament sprains, overuse and biomechanical injuries like Achilles and patellar tendinopathy, plantar fasciitis, rotator cuff pathology, tennis elbow, shin splints and more.

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