Bozeman chiropractor helping you achieve lasting, pain-free health through advanced chiropractic care.

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Our highly-trained doctors offer the highest standard of care and compassion to everyone in need of pain relief or injury prevention. Visit us to see why we are the premier chiropractors in Bozeman, MT.

Pro Chiropractic has a complete range of diagnostic and cutting-edge treatment options for acute injuries, chronic complaints, and general chiropractic needs. We can help you with everything from healthy spinal development to car wrecks, sports performance, work injuries, and more.

With expertise at the forefront of the field and a heart for our community, we enhance wellness through improved movement, enhanced stability, and better function. 

What Our Patients Are Saying...

Craig Couillard
Craig Couillard
Best Chiropractic Clinic! Great service! Many services to fit individual needs! Highly recommend!
Rob Lamm
Rob Lamm
Always gets me back on my feet
Melissa Perry
Melissa Perry
I inquired with Dr. Jon Wilhelm regarding an issue I’m having with foot pain after seeing him on a Q&A. He was very knowledgable regarding different treatments including PEMF. I live too far away from his clinic to visit as a patient. Yet, he took the time to research where I can find someone reputable and closer to my area. I’m certain he is busy and his immediate help and response was greatly appreciated.
Suzanne Hartwig
Suzanne Hartwig
Everyone at Pro Chiropractic in Bozeman and Belgrade are friendly and helpful. Dr. Jon is the best chiropractor I have ever seen and I have had chiropractic care since 1993. He is knowledgeable, friendly and gifted in the art of chiropractic. If I could give a 10 out of 5 I would!
Virgil Vetter
Virgil Vetter
The staff at Pro chiropractic was great. Explained everything very well. Dr. Morrell was awesome too one of the best adjustments I’ve had in a long time thanks again. Massage beds was very helpful before the adjustment. Thanks again! Definitely five stars.
Drew Brian
Drew Brian
I love this place, between extreme sports, car accidents, lifting accidents, and everything in between, these guys know what's up. I'm currently in for knee issues that I've had for 15 year 🫣 I'm not kidding when I say instant results. Dr. Bradley, Dr. Wihelm are absolutely beast in this industry. Do not hesitate! Let them set you straight.
Julen Idoate
Julen Idoate
I had a great experience at Pro Chiropractic Bozeman. I would like to give a special thanks to Dr. Tanner! He did a great job at taking the time to hear about my shoulder problems, and educating me on the best options that fit my situation. As well as, making an effort to get to know me as an individual. In just one session, my shoulder is feeling a million times better. I would highly recommend Dr. Tanner. Pro-Chiropractic Bozeman gives great and affordable services.
Ashley Darling
Ashley Darling
I have been goin here for 10 years and it has the best services I have ever had. My parents came from NY and after the long trip they needed adjusted so they went here too and loved every minute of it! Thank you for everything!
lynn mckernan
lynn mckernan
I went to Pro Chiropractic with knee and hip pain on my right side. I had meniscus surgery in March of last year. I have been hobbling around after for almost a year. The Dr. ran some tests and put me on a wonderful Hydromassage machine and then did some manipulations to my knee joint and hip joint and I feel like a million bucks. Pain stinks but Pro Chiropractic can get you out of pain!!

Meet Your Chiropractic Doctors

Our doctors provide a complete range of chiropractic care — the difference is in our advanced techniques, comprehensive expertise, and specialized post-graduate education.

85+ Advanced Trainings & Ceritifications

61 Years Combined Physician Experience

21 Cutting Edge Treatments

State-of-the-Art Diagnostic Tools

1253+ 5-Star Online Reviews

Dr. Jonathan M. Wilhelm

Jonathan M. Wilhelm


19 Years Experience

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Dr. William Bradley

William Bradley


28 Years Experience

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Dr. Erik Morrell


4 Years Experience

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Dr Tanner Clark - Pro Chiropractic Bozeman, MT

Dr. Tanner Clark


8 Years Experience

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Our Chiropractic Specialties

Spinal Injuries and Whiplash

Chiropractic treatments for spinal injuries and whiplash effectively and safely decreases immediate pain and increases lasting mobility and strength.


Sports Chiropractic

Helping Athletes Achieve. 
This type of chiropractic therapy benefits athletes who want to treat and prevent injuries, optimize performance, and support longevity in their sports.

Family Chiropractic

Supporting the Whole Family.
From working with young athletes to supporting your child’s physical development, Pro Chiropractic offers non-invasive and effective techniques to foster your family’s health.

General Chiropractic

Focusing on the neuromuscular system, general chiropractic treatments alleviate pain, reduce muscle tension, improve mobility, correct posture, and more.


The Pro Chiropractic Philosophy

What makes us different?  This one is easy to answer and clearly felt by the more than 1,250 local Bozeman residents who have shared their 5-star reviews online!

The Pro Chiro Difference comes in providing an exceptional chiropractic experience from start to finish. From the moment you walk in you are immersed in culture of sincerity and service, offering you training and technology that you likely will not experience at other clinics.

Our doctors provide a complete range of chiropractic services — the difference is in our advanced techniques, comprehensive expertise, and specialized post-graduate education.

Our expertise is grounded in learning. Pro Chiropractic combines decades of experience and mastery of techniques with continued education and innovation — integrating new science, therapies, and cutting-edge technology into time-tested approaches.

We’ve assembled the best team of expert practitioners and caring staff.  Ensuring our community experiences the exceptional care and thoughtful customer service they deserve is central to what we do.

"Every staff member here is personable and knowledgeable. I always feel listened to, and I never feel rushed. The care here is first rate and has already gone a long way in relieving my chronic neck pain."

Ellie Shattuck

"This is the first review I have ever left for any product or service because it is that deserving of praise. I have seen multiple chiropractors over the last twenty years for a variety of issues. Dr. Jon is by far the most knowledgeable medical professional I have ever been around. He is truly skilled at his craft and I am in awe at how much better my body feels every time I leave his office. I haven’t been to any other chiropractor in Bozeman, but there is no need to look any further."

Dante Dimercurio

"From the front staff to the Chiropractic Doc’s the service + care has been stellar. The best I’ve received at any chiropractic clinic!"

Jonah Eisenschenk

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