Pro Chiropractic

Learn more about the outstanding Bozeman chiropractors and dedicated support staff that make up the Pro Chiropractic Team.

The chiropractic physicians at Pro Chiropractic strive to deliver the highest quality care and service to each individual patient in a courteous, efficient and professional manner.

We are here to make your chiropractic experience exceptional!

Our Physicans

Each of our doctors are carefully selected based on their ability to evaluate, diagnose, treat, and communicate well with our patients.

The Team of providers at Pro Chiropractic are constantly working to improve their clinical skills, so they can competently and compassionately serve you in your moment of need.

Jonathan Wilhelm


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William Bradley


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Dr. Erik Morrell


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Our Staff Contacts

No one is more important to your chiropractic experience and success than the staff members of the Pro Chiro Team.

Each of these individual is genuinely dedicated to making your visits to our clinics efficient, comfortable and effective.  You can trust that they have your best interests and service at heart.  They are consistently the Top-Reviewed Chiropractic Service Team in the Gallatin Valley!


Director of Operations

Natasha - Office Mgr - ProChiro Bozeman, MT


Office Manager


Billing Manager

Your Bozeman Chiropractors and Dedicated Support Staff


We are committed to offering you three Pro Chiropractic Pillars of Excellence:

  • Highly trained and certified providers at the TOP of their clinical game
  • The most advanced diagnostic and treatment tools and technology
  • Sincere patient care and genuine customer service

Our Bozeman Chiropractors are, Dr. William Bradley, Dr. Erica Wilburn, Dr. Erik Morrell, and Dr Jonathan Wilhelm.

Each chiropractic doctor at Pro Chiropractic has individually dedicated themselves to advanced training and competency so they can properly address your unique needs.

Your Bozeman Chiropractors and Dedicated Support Staff are ready to make your Pro Chiropractic experience exceptional!

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