Kinesiology Taping

What is Kinesiology Taping? 

Kinesiology tape is a stretchable cotton fabric placed over a heat-activated adhesive. Most types of kinesiology tape can be stretched as much as 140% of its original size. The abundant stretchability is what makes it different from other types of sports tape, such as white athletic tape, used mostly by athletic trainers. When applied properly, the tape will lift the skin and fascia away from the muscle allowing more blood flow into the area. This increase in blood flow promotes more oxygen to the tissues as well as an increase in lymph drainage. Draining the lymph fluid helps to expel byproducts of exercise like lactic acid and helps to reduce swelling or edema.

Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiology “KT” Taping for Shoulder Injury and Improved Posture

Bozeman, Montana based Certified Sports Chiropractor demonstrates a kinesiology taping technique for multidirectional instability of the shoulder, rotator cuff injuries and postural syndromes involving forward rounded shoulders. Kinesiology Taping, also known as KT taping, Rocktape, and Kinesio Taping has been a go-to method for athletes of all levels to improve performance and relieve pain. The Sports Chiropractors at Pro Chiropractic are well versed in a variety of sports taping techniques!

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