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This is a question I often get asked when I mention that I love treating pediatric patients. Through my education and pediatric training, I have created a list of 10 common reasons children come in for regular chiropractic care. Your child’s health is truly one of their greatest assets.  Childhood Chiropractor - Dr Taylor Fiemster - Prochiro Bozeman, MT-2

  1. To optimize brain and nerve development
  2. To increase overall health and function of their nervous system
  3. To increase their ability to focus, concentrate, absorb, and recall information and reduce distracted thoughts, attention deficit symptoms and disorders
  4. To optimize and improve spinal function (many children today spend excessive time looking down at screens on iPads, computers, and smartphones)
  5. To help reduce the occurrence of or resolve; colic, acid reflux, breastfeeding latch complications and lip-tongue tie complications
  6. To increase immunity and reduce the frequency of common colds, the flu, earaches and infections and general childhood illnesses
  7. To alleviate bed wetting, digestive problems/complaints, asthma, and allergies through balancing the nervous system
  8. To promote your child’s emotional well-being and stability and assist with complications that can arise with behavioral disorders
  9. To improve both the quality and quantity of sleep
  10. To optimize their performance and function in sports and daily activities

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Perhaps these reasons resonate with current reasons you bring your children in for care or spark an interest in seeking care for your little ones. If so, I would love to play a part in impacting your child’s development and helping their body promote optimal function.





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