Do you overstuff yourself during Thanksgiving dinner and quickly regret it? Here are 5 easy ways to get moving this Thanksgiving weekend that can help burn off some calories from the feast!

1. Do exercises in the kitchen while you’re cooking

Make it a game! Every time you check on the turkey, do 10 squats. Or while you’re at the stove stirring a dish, do calf raises. Find little ways to exercise while you’re cooking to help prepare for the large intake of calories to come!

Do exercises in the kitchen while you’re cooking

2. Participate in a family oriented outdoor activity before or after the meal

Do you have a large group coming to your house this Thanksgiving? A great way to burn some calories before or after the meal is to gather the group outside and play a friendly game of touch football! Definitely make sure to dress appropriately, though.

Go for a walk

3. Go for a walk (or for those of us caught in a winter storm…play in the snow)

Not a sports enthusiast? Instead of playing football, why not just go for a walk with your family to catch up. Especially with family or friends who you haven’t seen in a while! Are you being bombarded by several inches of snow? Put on your snow gear and go sledding or build a snowman! Just get out and get moving!!!

build a snowman

4. Park further away from the store when you go shopping

Are you braving the crowds on Black Friday? Be sure to park further away from the store/mall. It causes you to walk just that much further and burn a few more Thanksgiving calories than finding a close parking spot!

5. Take an extra lap around the store/mall when shopping

If you do decide to brave the Black Friday chaos…be sure to wear your walking shoes and take an extra lap around the store or mall. Doing so will get those much needed extra steps in and burn those extra calories so you don’t feel quite so badly about overstuffing yourself on Thanksgiving!

Black Friday chao

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