Bozeman Chiropractic Physician Dr. Jonathan M. Wilhelm named Certified Kinesio Taping® Practitioner (CKTP) by the KinesioTaping® Association International

Kinesio® tape is an elastic therapeutic tape designed to facilitate and support muscle action, and for injury rehabilitation. Kinesio Taping® has widely been used in athletics for many years and gained popularity after professional and Olympic athletes have been seen benefiting from this exciting new modality. ProChiropractic’s lead Physician, Dr. Wilhelm, uses Kinesio® tape to change muscle tone, move lymphatic fluids, correct movement patterns, and improve posture in patients with sports injuries, work injuries, and motor vehicle injuries.

Olympic Gold Medal Winner Kerri Walsh using Kinesiotape at 2008 Beijing Olympic Games “The process of certification improved my skill level and educated me on a greater variety of techniques and uses for Kineso® tape. As part of ProChiropractic’s dedication to offering excellence in Chiropractic care, we are excited to offer this exciting new modality. With this new training, I am in a much better position to help my patients,” Dr. Wilhelm said. As owner and president of ProChiropractic, Dr Wilhelm has more than 7 years experience as a Chiropractic Physician and specializes in treating sports injuries and auto crash injuries. Offering excellence in chiropractic care, ProChiropractic offers advanced chiropractic care, the latest physiotherapy modalities, non-surgical spinal decompression, and massage therapy at its outpatient clinic in Belgrade, MT.

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