3 Major Causes of Spinal Pain

Spinal misalignment and lack of motion in the joints is the basis for all Chiropractic adjustments. These misalignments, and/or joint fixations, lead to bodily changes that produce irritation to the nervous system and inhibit its ability to function properly in the body. Symptoms may include: pain, headaches, digestive issues, troubles concentrating, colic, acid reflux, numbness/tingling, altered sensations, weakness, troubles breastfeeding/bottle feeding and many other issues.

But what causes a misalignment?? There are 3 major causes:

a. Physical Stressors:

– These include trauma to the body (falling, birth process, sports injuries, improper diapering techniques)

– Repetitive strain affecting the spine (texting, gaming, computer work, trade jobs)

– Bad postural habits (heavy backpacks, slouching)

– Weak or imbalance spinal musculature

b. Chemical Stressors

– Poor dietary and nutritional practices (fast food!)

– Drug and alcohol use and abuse

– Chemical toxins in the food we eat, air we breathe, water we drink, vaccinations

c. Emotional Stressors

– Stress: Excessive stress or inadequate stress management skills can deplete the body of the ability to sustain normal functions. Stress can have devastating effects on the immune system, making the body more susceptible to injury and disease.

These stressors decrease the body’s ability to function at its best and reduce the ability to adapt to and withstand internal and external stresses – making us more susceptible to spinal misalignment and the symptoms and signs that accompany them.

Get adjusted and help your family embark on a healthy journey!! We’re here to help!

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