Chiropractic and Asthma

Many children today are being diagnosed with asthma and are needing to rely on inhalers, nebulizers, and other medications to improve their ability to breathe. Often times, these acute episodes are brought on by exposure to irritants such as cold air, allergies, noxious fumes (like cigarette smoke) and exercise. Symptoms usually include coughing that is non-productive, wheezing that is worse during expiration and increased heart rate. If you’ve thought that medications were the only solution for your child’s asthma, think again!!!

Chiropractic adjustments are excellent at stimulating the nervous system and often produce similar results as medications. Specific adjustments can help open up the airways, allowing the child to breathe more easily. The adjustments themselves are quick and easy and children love coming in to be adjusted.

Things that can be done at home to help reduce flare-ups of asthma include:

– concentrated cranberry juice (made from boiling cranberries and drinking the liquid)

– eliminating animal dander

– consuming ivy extract

– eliminating passive smoke

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