Volleyball is a growing sport in the United States. It is no longer just a women’s sport that is
played indoors. With the increasing popularity in beach volleyball and the men’s game, both
indoor and outdoor, more people are flocking to the sport.

As with all sports, the risk of injury is present and with volleyball, injuries are common with joints
and muscles throughout the body. Chiropractic care, especially when provided by a sports
chiropractor, is beneficial for volleyball players because it can address both acute (new) and
chronic (old) injuries to all areas of the body.

Did you know that most volleyball injuries result from overuse? An overuse injury in sport is an
injury to a joint or muscle resulting from repetitive trauma. In volleyball, overuse injuries are
common in the knees and ankles from jumping and in the shoulder from attacking and serving.
Chiropractic care is a great resource for treating overuse injuries because not only can the
musculature be addressed, but the joints can be as well. Proper joint alignment from
chiropractic adjustments in the spine and extremities maintains the biomechanic integrity of the
body which reduces impact forces in the joints. Soft tissue treatments such as instrument
assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM), dry needling and cupping can help resolve overuse
injuries by providing a controlled re-injury to the tissues bringing more blood flow into the
affected area thus promoting healing.

Common overuse injuries in volleyball:

• Patellar tendinitis (knee): 80%
• Shoulder: 8-20%
• Low back: 10-14%

Acute injuries can also occur while playing volleyball.

These are new injuries and are often
more severe than chronic/overuse injuries. Seeking evaluation and treatment from a sports
chiropractor as soon as possible following an acute injury is imperative to recovery time. Take
an ankle sprain for example. Research shows that adjusting the joints of the ankle and foot as
soon as possible following an ankle sprain will reduce recovery time by several days which
allows for quicker return to play. Treatment of acute injuries should not be taken lightly by the
athlete, coaches or parents. If acute injuries remain untreated or are not treated properly, they
can become a chronic issue that may impact performance.

Common acute injuries in volleyball:

• Ankle: 15-60%
• Knee: 15%
• Finger: 10%

Injuries are par for the course for most athletes. How they are managed and treated can mean
the difference between excelling in sport or being plagued by re-injury. Chiropractic care can
address all musculoskeletal injuries, whether acute or chronic, and help return an athlete to play
faster and better than before.

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