Chiropractic For Seniors: Seven Outstanding Benefits

Seven outstanding benefits of chiropractic for seniors

Many seniors are not aware of how chiropractic care is a beneficial piece to their complete health and wellness. It is important that as a mature adult you receive the best proactive, chiropractic spinal care, as this will allow you to avoid medical complications that result from lack of regular spinal maintenance. Here are some of the seven outstanding benefits that seniors derive from a continued regular chiropractic care regimen.

Relieves pain

It is important to note that most spinal disorders result from abnormalities of the spine and the surrounding soft tissues. Doctors of chiropractic are well trained to handle vertebral misalignments, extraspinal fixations, soft tissue injuries, and their related effects on the nervous system. By working at relieving the cause of musculoskeletal problems, chiropractors are trained to offer lasting pain relief at the cause of these problems. The use of painkillers or inflammatory medications results in masked symptoms, while still causing additional side effects related to their continued usage.

Results in increased balance and coordination

The problem of balance and coordination are common among the aging population. This is due to the degenerative changes or injuries to the cervical (neck) region. The cervical region contains special structures that are used to provide the brain with essential information used to trigger balance and coordination. With age, these mechanoreceptors become impaired making one lose his or her sense of awareness. As the sense of awareness continues to decrease, steps become irregular and uneven in length. Participating in regular chiropractic adjustments to the cervical region can increase neck motion, and decrease spasm to trigger better balance and proprioception. Spinal alignment will help to restore body balance and coordination.

Decreases spinal degeneration

Misalignment causes the spine to wear out prematurely. It is important that you get your spine aligned periodically. Spinal degeneration is halted when you restore proper motion and alignment. This makes the body better able to cope with the forces of stress, activity, and gravity.

Increases health and well being

Whether you cannot sleep well at night or you do not have enough energy to carry out your normal activities, chiropractic will improve your overall feeling of well-being. Most regular chiropractic patients report an increase in restful sleep, and a decrease in overall tension and stress, which adds up to better healing and overall well-being.

Decreased falling incidences

There are so many serious injuries to seniors that result from falling. One of the best ways to reduce falling incidences is by maintaining proper motion and alignment with regular chiropractic care. Spinal adjustments to the hips, pelvis, and neck normalize mechanoreceptors (joint sensors) in the spine, thereby increasing flexibility, mobility, balance, and coordination.

Leads to increased motion and extremities of the spine

Having increased range of motion is beneficial to all people, and especially important as we age. Increased range of motion comes easier if you have regular chiropractic care, which provides better motion and position to your joints, improving overall mobility.

Keeps seniors away from nursing homes

Most seniors end up in a nursing home because they need help with motion, degeneration, balance, or pain. With regular chiropractic care balance, coordination, and motion all improve. Pain, degeneration, and risk of falling injury all decrease. As a senior, you can limit the need for nursing home care by regularly benefiting from chiropractic.

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