Chiropractic and Heart Health

Chiropractic therapy has had numerous positive effects on the lives of the many people that benefit from this treatment. It has been shown to have an impact on heart rate. Recently chiropractic adjustments have been verified capable to deal with various neuromusculoskeletal system disorders effectively. Chiropractors perform specific manual and manipulative therapy on patients suffering from vertebral subluxation.

The chiropractic treatments remove interference from the brain to the body caused by these vertebral subluxations, thus restoring the nerve functioning to the patient’s body parts. Though the immediate benefits of chiropractic therapies are to ease the pain on various body parts, there are many other benefits that patients obtain from seeking treatment from professional chiropractors. For instance, many people believe, and recent studies have confirmed that the heart is one of the beneficiaries of chiropractic adjustments in several ways.

Chiropractic care is known to have a direct impact on the heart rate by affecting the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve systems (See Photo). People suffering from conditions that cause abnormal variations in their heart rate have reported that chiropractic therapies have helped stabilize heart rate while reducing chances of having a heart attack.

Whenever you undergo chiropractic manipulative therapy, you can be certain that your heart rate will improve, which in turn lowers your blood pressure levels, thus strengthening your cardiovascular system. Incidents of chest pains (angina) associated with various heart conditions are also likely to improve through such manipulations. These changes are all able to occur because of the nerve to heart relationship that chiropractic adjustments are able to impact.

Just after you experience chiropractic manipulations, you tend to feel relaxed. This eases stress levels while stabilizing your heartbeat, which in turn reduces your blood pressure levels. This is your parasympathetic nervous system kicking in following the chiropractic treatment. This is the reason why such sessions are ideal for individuals struggling with high blood pressure. The heart-healthy benefits of chiropractic adjustments are not necessarily limited to those with a health condition of hypertension, but also for athletes who want to train their hearts to pump blood in a certain way. A strong, healthy heart can return to a resting rate more quickly than a sick heart, and chiropractic manipulative therapy has been shown in recent studies to have a positive impact on heart rate

An increase in the strength of your cardiovascular system makes it possible to engage in housework, sporting activities, and strenuous exercises without being tired quickly.

Good health is simply not synonymous with the absence of a disease. A healthy heart will never talk to you, and an unhealthy heart will only after is has been unhealthy for far too long! Give your heart the best chance, and allow it to benefit from the full function with regular chiropractic adjustments, which ensure your heart’s nerve system supply is free of interference. Why wouldn’t you?

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