Common Myths of Chiropractic Care

Bozeman Chiropractors Address Common Myths of Chiropractic Care

Even today, there are a great many folks who believe that chiropractic care, or alternative medicine, is a laughable option. However, for those who take the time to research the information about a subject prior to making a judgment call, it becomes immediately clear that those who perform the care are far from “quacks”.

Common Myths:

  • Chiropractic Care Is Painful
  • It Is Dangerous
  • It Is Really Expensive
  • Both Over The Counter And Prescription Drugs Are Safe
  • One Session Means Going For The Rest Of Your Life
  • Chiropractic Care Is Ineffective
  • Children Do Not Benefit
  • Bumps And Bruises Are Normal On Kids And Have No Negative Long-Term Effects

Myths Explained:

Fact is, the treatments actually remove pain in a safe and effective fashion, which often is covered by insurance. Safe prescriptions are a contradiction in terms. Lawsuits are numerous and common in commercials against current drug companies. And, when a drug is advertised, most of the ad time is spent listing the possible side effects. That really doesn’t sound safe. If chiropractic care were unsafe, you would see similar commercials advertising suits against chiropractors, but the fact is, these don’t exist because chiropractic care is so safe and the risk is so low.

Chiropractic care is remarkably affordable when compared with traditional medical and dental care, and because most chiropractic practices are doctor-owned, they are likely to work directly with you to make care affordable.

Attending a chiropractic session is like getting care from your Dentist: If you need care, you can go until the issue is resolved, AND you will be healthier if you invest in supportive care and an ongoing spinal hygiene schedule. Our Bozeman Chiropractors recommend monthly spinal check-ups and alignment.

Alternative medicine improves your health on numerous levels, for adults and children. OSHA actually believes that a child will receive over a thousand minor injuries along the spine alone, that can lead to permanent issues that chiropractic care can reduce if given before the child becomes an adult. To avoid treating these injuries is to ensure ongoing pain and spinal decay later in life

A chiropractor spends about the same amount of training for his degree as a medical doctor. Medical AND chiropractic doctors attend undergraduate school then another four or five years of graduate studies.

The Mayo Clinic speaks on this subject in detail and explains the reason that many doctors are not open to this type of medicine is the simple fact they know little about it. And, as more and more medical doctors become aware of its benefits, they suggest alternative treatments.

At Pro Chiropractic, our Bozeman Chiropractors hope you find this information useful in addressing some of the myths surrounding chiropractic care. Contact us for more information to help reduce or eliminate your pain.

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