Continuing his work with some of the world’s top athletes Dr. Jon Wilhelm of Pro Chiropractic recently provided care at the 2019 USA Track and Field National Championships in Des Moines, IA July 24-29 at the invitation of the USATF.

August 2, 2019

There’s no doubt having access to a professional sports chiropractor can help athletic performance and recovery. USA Track & Field (commonly called the USATF), along with nearly every other major sports body, fully believes this. In exciting recent news, the USATF selected Bozeman, Montana’s Dr. Jon Wilhelm of Pro Chiropractic to provide his abilities in the service of their athletes at their major event the 2019 USA Track and Field National Championships held in Des Moines,IA. Dr. Wilhelm was present for the length of the competition from July 24 to July 29, delivering value to the top competitive athletes.

“I always appreciate being able to help athletes across a wide range of sports and sincerely thank the USATF for this opportunity,” commented Dr. Wilhelm. “I had a wonderful time helping these athlete achieve and hope to get to work with USATF athletes more often in the future.”

The USATF has existed since 1992, with a long and rich history (under previous names) that stretches all the way back to 1887. The organization holds competitions and Championship Events in Track & Field, Cross Country, Road Running, Race Walking and Mountain, Ultra & Trail Running. With such deep experience in all aspects of Track & Field and related sports, to see the organization working with Dr. Wilhelm and Pro Chiropractic is a true honor to the value Dr. Wilhelm bring to the table with his Sports Chiropractic skills and his resume of having collaborated with athletes, teams, and organizations all the way up the Olympic and Professional level.

For those in Montana, athletes and non-athletes alike, who would like to experience what Dr. Wilhelm and his team has to offer there is very good news.

Dr. Wilhelm is the owner and lead Chiropractor at Pro Chiropractic which has offices in Bozeman and Belgrade, MT. Pro Chiropractic provides a large catalog of treatments including the latest and best sports chiropractic treatments like Dry Needle Therapy, Graston IASTM, Fascial Manipulation, Cupping Therapy, Pressure Wave Therapy, and Active Taping techniques. Additionally family chiropractic treatments, injury recovery and the latest most advanced chiropractic methods are offered to patients of all types. In addition to Dr. Wilhelm, Pro Chiropractic is staffed by a team of top professionals with diverse experience and specialties who all hold the commitment to keeping the atmosphere in the two Gallatin Valley Chiropractic offices warm, caring and inviting. This has helped Pro Chiropractic build a remarkable reputation in their community that continues to grow every day.

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