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Certified chiropractic sports physician and founder of Pro Chiropractic, Dr. Jonathan Wilhelm, provides sports chiropractic services for USA BMX at Lumberjack Nationals in Spokane, Washington

Dr. Jonathan Wilhelm recently reiterated his commitment to helping athletes achieve their optimal performance as he took his expertise as a chiropractic sports physician to USA BMX at lumberjack Nationals in Spokane, Washington. The certified chiropractic sports practitioner and performance therapist has become increasingly popular over the years for his range of solutions offered for elite athletes in multiple sports both internationally and in the United States. Pro Chiropractic Offers Sports Chiropractic services for USA BMX

There has been a steady increase in the demand for sports chiropractic services as more athletes across the globe seek the solutions to recover from injury, stay fit and improve their performance. Unfortunately, many of the available service providers do not effectively address the concerns of high-level athletes, in terms of comprehensiveness and delivering as claimed. The case is not particularly different in the BMX biking world, which is where Dr. Jonathan Wilhelm and a team of top athletic trainers and sports chiropractors aimed to make a difference with their involvement in the Lumberjack Nationals Spokane BMX held in Spokane, Washington. They provided emergent sideline care, injury triage and evaluation, soft tissue care, and performance physical medicine services to over 250 BMX athletes of all ages at the USA Lumberjack Nationals.

Dr. Jonathan Wilhelm offers elite athlete service to clients across the United States and internationally and has been selected to provide sports chiropractic services at numerous top events, including the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, 2017 World Games, USABS National Team Trials, IBSF World Cup Competitions, and IBSF Bobsled Skeleton World Championships, USA Gymnastics National Championships, FIG Gymnastics World Championships, USATF National Championships, and a host of others.

Pro Chiropractic Offers Sports Chiropractic services for USA BMXThe Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP) by the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians works with a team of highly trained and well-experienced professionals at Pro Chiropractic. Pro Chiropractic specializes in spinal injuries, sports chiropractic, and family chiropractic. The facility offers spinal adjustments, extremity adjustments, dry needling therapy, shockwave therapy, hydro massage therapy, Graston technique, custom foot orthotics, and a host of other soft tissue therapies and physical medicine modalities.

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