Dry Needling Therapy May Be the Right Treatment For You!

Dry Needling Therapy - ProChiro Bozeman, MT

Dry Needling therapy can be effective treatment of headaches, athletic injuries or chronic aches and pains.

Dry needling has two main uses:

  1. Removal of trigger points
  2. Increased blood flow response

Treatment Trigger Points & Increase Blood Flow Response

With treatment of trigger points, we find “tight spots” or myofascial points that can contribute to pain and dysfunction. We then insert very thin microfilament needles into those trigger points to wrap up the fascial covering of the muscle. Every muscle is surrounded by a saran-wrap type structure called fascial that inter-connects surrounding muscle groups The process of dry needling re-orients the covering of the muscle and results in the muscle relaxing via removal of the trigger point. Another goal of dry needling that is just as important is the goal of increasing blood flow to the area. Bring additional healthy blood flow to an injured area restarts the inflammatory process and allows the body’s own response to speed up healing. This process continues even after the needles are out. This is actually why there can sometimes be soreness for 4-6 hours after dry needling therapy.

Potential Side-Effects from Dry Needling Therapy

One other side effect that can occur with dry needling is slight light-headedness, as it is a new stimulus to the body and different people can respond in different ways. This is very rare but should be addressed. If it does occur, it’s usually immediately or within 15-30 minutes afterwards. It is not an urgent or emergent response. However, it is important to sit down, get some fresh air, drink some water and let it pass. Typically, it only lasts a few minutes. Again this is rare. With that said, it is important to drink lots of water after treatment even without side effects.

Some of the conditions or ailments that we use dry needling for commonly include headaches and neck pain, low back pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, upper back/shoulder tension and pain, rotator cuff and other muscle strains, ligament sprains, tennis elbow, little league elbow and many others.

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