Chiropractic Care Can Help with Breastfeeding Difficulties

First off, congratulations on becoming a new mom! Parenthood is an incredibly exciting (sometimes scary!) time where each day brings new milestones. A mother often feels the closest to her baby emotionally during the act of breastfeeding and it can be disheartening when difficulties arise. Have you noticed that your baby is having difficulty latching on, is sucking, is biting at the breast, is preferring to feed on one side or is unable to feed long enough to get full? If so, your baby might have a misalignment of his/her atlas. The atlas is the very top bone in the neck and is commonly moved slightly out of alignment during the birth process as the baby makes its way down the birth canal. When this bone misaligns, a pressure is put on the jaw and the base of the skull which makes it uncomfortable for the baby to nurse. They lose interest quickly or simply do not want to nurse since it is too painful for them.

A gentle chiropractic adjustment can remove the pressure being put on the spinal nerves and decrease pain during nursing. The baby is then much more comfortable and can feed more easily.

Since a baby’s body is still developing, they tend to respond much more quickly to adjustments than adults do (based on the severity of the misalignment) and parents notice that well-adjusted babies sleep better, are more content, get sick less often and are more regular with their diaper wetting.

Here is an article following a unique case of breastfeeding difficulties and the noticeable improvement after receiving chiropractic care:

Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Breastfeeding Difficulties in Babies

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