Know the Facts About EPIDURALS

When talking with other moms, it is becoming very common to hear about epidurals being used during the birth process. Mothers are being convinced that pain during labor is unnatural and that they should turn to drugs to help them during labor and delivery, instead of LISTENING to their bodies’ own natural capabilities. During a recent poll, 64% of nurse-midwives and 53% of certified nurse-midwives reported concern over the increased use of epidurals. Unfortunately, mothers are led to believe that a “natural” birth is one where she delivers the baby vaginally and remains conscious during the entire process. That is not the case! A natural birth is one where no drugs are used, only the mother’s inborn intuition to listen to her body!

Know the facts about epidurals before you go into labor and outline your thoughts about drugs in your birth plan. Parents are not being told of the consequences of epidurals such as their ability to quickly cross the placenta and potentially cause toxicity in both the mother and baby. Side effects of such toxicity include low blood pressure, incontinence, headache, paralysis of a lower limb, numbness in extremities, SLOWING OF LABOR, allergic reactions, and much more.

Birth in itself is a traumatic process for the baby but chiropractic care can help minimize structural obstacles and allow the baby to get into the best possible position for birth. By restoring proper alignment to the mother’s pelvis, the baby can more easily pass through the birth canal. Mothers that utilize chiropractic care throughout pregnancy experience SHORTER labor times and DECREASED pain during labor in 84% of moms. These moms also show a decreased incidence of the use of external forces to “help” the baby.

Other important facts to consider about the use of epidurals:

  • They cause longer labors with slower progress
  • They may cause fevers in the mother during childbirth
  • They increase the use of Pitocin by about 3.5 times, causing slow and irregular contractions
  • They increase the use of antibiotics in your baby fourfold
  • They increase the use of forceps by about 4.5 – 20 times
  • They cause neonatal jaundice due to its alteration of red blood cells
  • They increase the incidence of birth trauma due to the increased use of mechanical assistance
  • They cause adverse behavioral effects on the baby

A recent study comparing 100 babies delivered either vaginally or by c-section with NO DRUGS to 100 babies delivered using epidurals and/or Pitocin. Immediately after birth, all babies were placed on their mothers’ bare abdomen. Within 30 minutes, ALL babies that were delivered without the use of drugs moved up towards their mother’s breast, latched on and began breastfeeding ON THEIR OWN. After the same 30 minutes, ALL babies that were born with the use of epidurals and/or Pitocin were still resting on their mothers’ abdomens.

If you wouldn’t inject your baby with these drugs after birth, then doesn’t it make sense to not inject your baby during the birthing process when you are still sharing a blood supply??

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