Patients looking for dry needling services in Bozeman, Montana now get a boost following Dr. Sam Bisson of Pro Chiropractic’s completion and certification by the Institute For Athlete Regeneration (IAR).

Dr. Sam Bisson - Pro Chiro Bozeman, MT

IAR is known for offering a uniquely superior dry needling course that industry leaders describe as unmatched in the market. According to an IAR spokesperson, the course covers in-depth the major theoretical models of dry needling including the mechanical trigger point, spinal radiculopathy, and biomedical systemic models. It details how each model can be individually adapted to the different pain states and soft tissue pathologies that are present in the sports and orthopedic populations. The IAR dry needling clinicians are exposed to various manual therapy techniques, including joint mobilization, soft tissue mobilization, and neural tissue mobilization, as well as to how to effectively integrate these interventions within the realm of dry needling to truly enhance tissue regeneration and athletic performance. According to the institute spokesperson, clinicians who have completed the training possess a comprehensive intervention strategy that combines dry needling, manual therapy, and exercise prescription into an incomparable treatment model.

Dr. Bisson now becomes the fifth chiropractic provider to offer dry needling therapy at Pro Chiropractic. In response to the announcement, Dr. Bisson said, “I’m thrilled to announce the addition of dry needling therapy to the modalities I utilize to assist my patients in living pain-free, fully functioning lives.”


What is Dry Needling?

Therapeutic Dry needling is a skilled intervention utilized by chiropractors and other certified medical professionals to ease pain and promote healing. The procedure involves inserting fine needles into target tissues, including myofascial trigger points, tendons, and ligaments, to increase blood flow in an injured region.

Dr. Jon Wilhelm, the owner of Pro Chiropractic, says that Pro Chiropractic is known for providing the finest chiropractic treatment options in the state of Montana, and has been offering dry needling therapy longer than any other physical therapy or chiropractic clinic in Montana. Now with the training and certification of Dr. Bisson, they will be able to reach more clients, offering the highest standards of care and compassion to all in need of pain relief or injury prevention.

Dr. Wilhelm adds that Pro Chiropractic has a complete range of diagnostics and cutting-edge treatments for acute and general chiropractic needs. “Our highly trained Chiropractors offer Dry Needling Therapy in our Bozeman and Belgrade, Montana clinics in as part of a greater plan of relief and rehabilitation that meets and exceeds our patient’s goals”, remarks Dr. Wilhelm.

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