If you have neck pain, you likely want to rid of that pain as quickly as possible. One great treatment you must consider is to visit your chiropractor in Bozeman, MT. The Top-Rated Chiropractors at ProChiropractic have a number of different treatments that can be utilized for a variety of neck pain causes. A Chiropractor will first have to examine you, diagnose your exact problem, and then begin the treatment process.

Your Chiropractor will likely use a combination of treatments in order to correct your neck pain issue. Those treatments might include spinal manipulation, manual therapy, physiotherapy modalities (electric muscle stimulation, ultrasound, kinesiology taping, etc.) or other techniques as part of the plan for healing the neck pain. There are, however, many different spinal manipulation and physiotherapy techniques that your chiropractor might use to help your pain. Here are just a few of those techniques.

1. Flexion-distraction technique

This gentle spinal manipulation is a hands-on technique that allows the chiropractor to use a pumping action with direct force on the intervertebral disc where the pain originates.

2. Instrument-Assisted Manipulation

This technique uses a hand-held instrument that allows the chiropractor to use force without pressuring the spine too much.

3. Specific Spinal Manipulation

Your chiropractor will restore the movements in your joints using their hands to provide a gentle thrusting motion in specific areas.

4. Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Technique (Graston Therapy)

This therapy allows the chiropractor to use a special instrument to not only diagnose, but also treat muscle and fascial tension in the neck region.

5. Manual Joint Stretching

The chiropractor in Bozeman, MT uses this technique to reduce neck pain and the symptoms that might radiate from that specific area.

6. Trigger Point Therapy / Fascial Manipulation

This treatment is used when there are painful points within the muscles and covering fascia. Direct pressure is applied to specific point until enough heat and friction is developed to resolve the painful points.

7. Inferential Electric Stimulation

This therapy involves using a low electric current to stimulate and heal the muscles in the neck and other areas.

8. Ultrasound

A well-accepted form of Physiotherapy; sound waves are directed into painful areas to help alleviate the stiffness and pain in the muscles within your neck.

The Chiropractors at ProChiropractic in Bozeman, MT might also recommend that you utilize therapeutic massage or other specific exercises to help with your pain as well. These items will help you improve your range of motion and they will help you to prevent further injury to your neck.

All of the above treatments are simply examples of things your chiropractor might try in order to help heal your neck pain. Your specific treatment plan will depend on your chiropractor, the cause for your pain, the severity of your pain, and many other factors. Talk with your chiropractor about the treatment plan in order to understand what will happen and how much relief you should feel each time you have a treatment.

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