Dr. Jon Wilhelm, a chiropractor in southwest Montana with nearly twenty years of practicing experience, is appointed as Chair of the International Sports Chiropractic Federation Student Commission.

The International Sports Chiropractic Federation’s, or FICS, goal is to provide equal opportunities of sports chiropractic care, education, mentoring and research to all athletes and sports chiropractors locally and internationally. The council is made up of the top leading chiropractors in the world. The Student Commission branch is in charge of creating opportunities for any chiropractic students who would like to be involved in sports chiropractic. The FICS Student Commission is all about education and student affairs such as scholarships, learning opportunities, mentoring and clubs.

International Federation of Sports Chiropractic

Dr. Wilhelm was chosen to lead the FICS Student Commission because of his vast experience as a sports chiropractic physician treating athletes, combined with his proven record of mentorship to chiropractic students and those newly entering the profession. He has provided sports chiropractic services for a wide array of athletes from Olympians to high schoolers, all with the same care and attention.

At his Pro Chiropractic clinics, he regularly provides educational internship opportunities to prospective and current chiropractic students, and he has inspired over a dozen young chiropractors to choose chiropractic as their profession. Dr. Wilhelm’s exceptional commitment to serving athletes and students attracted FICS to pick him out of hundreds of other sports chiropractors to run their Student Commission.

Dr. Wilhelm is excited to begin his tenure as the FICS’s Chair of the Student Commission and start mentoring the sports chiropractors of tomorrow. He plans to use his experience and knowledge to help guide students in their studies and future careers and to also give back to the educational side of the sports chiropractic community. His intention is perfectly summed up in the ending of his Chair acceptance speech, “It is my intention, together with a diverse, vibrant and empowered team on the Student Commission to grow FICS ever stronger from its very roots upward!”

To learn more about Dr Jon Wilhelm and his mission Helping Athletes Achieve visit https://prochiromt.com/about-us/dr-jon-wilhelm/

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