Sports Chiropractic Services for Team Australia and Team Great Britain Bobsled Skeleton Athletes - Dr Jon Wilhelm Pro Chiropractic Bozeman, MT

Continuing his remarkable work with top tier athletes Dr. Jon Wilhelm recently finished the second half of the IBSF World Cup Tour working with top Australian and British Bobsleigh Skeleton Athletes.

Sports Chiropractic Services for Team Australia and Team Great Britain Bobsled Skeleton Athletes - Dr Jon Wilhelm Pro Chiropractic Bozeman, MT

March 25, 2022
Athletes are learning the value of sports chiropractic treatments to help with injuries, recovery, and overall performance. For nearly a decade Bozeman, Montana Sports Chiropractor Dr. Jon Wilhelm, owner of Pro Chiropractic has led the way in the elite sports chiropractic arena. Building from his many winning relationships in the bobsledding world, Dr. Wilhelm recently returned from the second half of the 2021-2022 IBSF World Cup Tour where he worked with Team Australia and Team Great Britain. Races were held in many exciting places including Sigulda, Latvia, Winterberg, Germany, and St. Moritz, Switzerland. He was able to collaborate with both teams thanks to a cooperation formed by the athletes and coach of Bobteam Walker (AUS), Bobteam Hall (GB), and Bobteam McNeill (GB) to share and utilize sports chiropractic services. “I was really fired up for the second half of this Olympic Bobsleigh Skeleton Season!” commented Dr. Wilhelm. “The athletes were dialing in with tensions rising and fewer races remaining in which to prove yourself ready and qualified for the Winter Olympic Games. I was now caring for two countries with athletes from Australia and the UK. And this mix of fine individuals was so much fun! I admired the grit and determination of these self-funded athletes, and this made me want to work even harder to help them achieve!”

The members of both the Australian team and the team from Great Britain were just as enthusiastic about having access to Dr. Wilhelm to help address their needs for injury management, rehabilitation, and performance therapy.

Team Australia and Team Great Britain Bobsled Skeleton Athletes - Dr Jon Wilhelm Pro Chiro Bozeman, MT

Adele Nicoll, from Team GB Bobsleigh, praised his work saying, “Dr. Jon was my first experience with a chiropractor. I was anxious to try something new, but Jon immediately made me feel at ease. He has a great energy that just makes you feel comfortable, and you know you're in safe hands. You can hear the true passion he has for what he does when he talks about his work. Jon is an extremely knowledgeable practitioner whom I am privileged to have worked closely with him at the Olympic Games. I benefited greatly from having Jon as Team GB staff.”

Australian Bobsleigh Athlete, Sarah Bilzzard shared this, “Dr. Jon was a very valuable addition to the team this season. He contributed greatly to the team environment with both professionalism and a calmness that was much needed. His knowledge and expertise ensured that us and our bodies were always ready to perform at the level we needed to. No matter what situation or issue came up, he was able to work around it without hesitation and proved we could be confident in his work and abilities. We were able to put all of our trust in Jon and it was amazing for us to have him on season supporting us!

After a challenging season that culminated in her winning her first gold medal in the final World Cup Race of the season in Switzerland, Australian Skeleton Slider, Jackie Narracott Parsons simply said, “Thank you Dr. Jon for being there for me through all of this. I couldn’t have done it without you!”

Dr Jon Wilhelm Pro Chiro Bozeman, MT

Dr. Wilhelm can be expected to continue collaborating with bobsled and skeleton, as well as Olympic and other elite athletes in the months and years to come.

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