Pro Chiropractic owner Dr. Jon Wilhelm is deeply experienced in working with the world’s best bobsledders. He most recently helped USABS in their challenge to win the World Cup on their way to the 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

Sports Chiropractor Dr. Jon Wilhelm Unites for Successful 9 th Season with USA Bobsled Skeleton on IBSF World Cup Circuit


March 7, 2022
Bobsledding and Skeleton are sports many may not realize require a remarkable competition of athleticism and skill. Sore and tight muscles, acute traveling and training issues, and more serious injuries related to the speed and demands of these sports are also common. This makes having skilled medical professionals who know how to address these concerns backing up a team a wise decision. Enter Montana-based Sports Chiropractor, and owner of Pro Chiropractic, Dr. Jon Wilhelm. Dr. Wilhelm is passionate about the sport and has been helping its top athletes internationally for over a decade. He recently celebrated his ninth
season working with the USA Bobsled Skeleton (USABS) on the IBSF World Cup Circuit. He served the USA National Team Bobsled and Skeleton Athletes at three World Cup races in Altenberg and Winterberg, Germany.

“Wow! It was great to be back with USABS,” remarked Dr. Wilhelm. “Over the years I have developed deep relationships with the good people at USA Bobsled Skeleton, so I was honored and excited when they invited me to care for our USA National Team athletes this Olympic Season! In December we tackled the toughest stretch of World Cup Tour, highlighted by two stops in Altenberg, Germany. We had quite a few trials and some significant injuries. Amid the challenges were overcoming performances, and in the end the Team brought away some medals and valuable experience! I am particularly pleased that despite the challenges
these races brought, our sports med team was able to send these athletes into the second half of the season in good physical and mental shape. It was hard work, but well worth it! Thanks, USABS!”

Team members were certainly happy to have Dr. Wilhelm on board. Many have grown to trust his work over the years, seeing the benefits it delivers firsthand.

Kaysha Love, from the USABS Bobsled National Team said, “I’ve been a competitive athlete my whole life, surrounded by (both) incredible and incompetent Sports Med professionals and I can truly say Dr. Jon is truly among the best of the best. I wouldn’t have made my first Olympic team without his knowledge, treatments, and humanity. Sports med is extremelyundervalued, most of the time winning isn’t even about who the best athlete is, but who can remain the healthiest is usually triumphant. Very grateful to have got to work alongside Dr. Jon.” 

Sports Chiropractor Dr. Jon Wilhelm Unites for Successful 9 th Season with USA Bobsled Skeleton on IBSF World Cup Circuit

USABS Skeleton National Team member Kelly Curtis agrees, “He provided support day in and day out by keeping us not only physically together, but also provided much needed comedic relief during a stressful season. It’s always a pleasure to work with him and my mind tends to be a bit more at ease when I see his name in the lineup.”

Two time Olympian and USABS Bobsled Veteran Brakeman Carlo Valdes summed up his experience with Dr. Jon Wilhelm saying, “I’ve had the chance to get work done from Jon for 8 years in bobsled. His experience alone speaks for itself. He is one of the best chiropractors and overall provider you can work with. He has kept me in one piece all these years and has saved my back and ribs on multiple occasions that have gotten me back to 100% in a very short amount of time. Thank you Jon!”

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