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Spinal Injury Overview

About 80 percent of Americans will be affected by back pain at any given time!  In fact, back pain and spinal injury are so common that at some point in their lives most people will experience spinal injury, ranging from severe pain and limitation to minor aches and pains.

How do you know when you have done something serious to injure your spine?  Did you simply twist the wrong way and strain a muscle, or is there a more serious issue going on?  Here are a few ways to tell if your back and neck pain raise enough concern to to call the spinal injury experts at Pro Chiropractic.


Painful Swelling From Spinal Injury

If your back injury is significant then you will most likely experience some swelling and pain.  If your pain is severe (6/10 or greater) or you experience serious swelling, then you need to see a spinal injury chiropractor.  If your pain is significant you might experience severely limited movement, difficulty sleeping, or even pain that limits you from your basic daily tasks, like reading, using the bathroom or preparing meals.

You Can’t Stand or Walk

If you can’t stand straight up or have difficulty waling normally following a spinal injury there is most likely a more serious issue going on.  These symptoms may indicate that the nerves that exit your spinal column are being compressed or irritated in some way.  If you experience shooting pain in your arms or legs, tingling in your arms and legs, or traveling pain when are seated and straighten your legs, then you should call the spinal injury chiropractor right away.

You Move Like A Robot

The robot was a big hit on 1980’s dance floors, but should not be your go to move after a spinal injury.  If you experience spinal injury that is serious enough to damage joints and ligaments, causing spinal instability, your brain will splint muscles and lock your body into a protective position, making you move like a robot.  If you have to move your entire body instead of normally bending and rotating your spine to move and look around, then you need the spinal injury chiropractors at Pro Chiro.

A Few Other Warning Signs

A simple strain can usually be treated with heat and a bit of rest, but if you experience these Red Flag Warning Signs of Spinal Injury you may have something else going on:

  • Abnormal lumps or bumps
  • Pain that wakes you up at night
  • Red streaks onyour back
  • Pain that travels down your legs or arms
  • Unusual weight loss (>15lbs) associated with spinal pain

If you experience any of these symptoms you need to schedule a consult with a Spinal Injury Chiropractor at Pro Chiropractic.  Don’t leave a serious spinal injury untreated for any length of time.  If you delay the healing process your body will adapt and may heal improperly, resulting in long-term complications or permanent degenerative changes. The sooner you see your spinal injury chiropractor about it, the sooner proper healing can begin and full function may be restored.


Types of Spinal Injuries Treated at Pro Chiropractic

Spinal Injury First reaponder

Spinal Injury from Vehicle Collision

 Workers Comp. Spinal Injury

Workers Comp. Spinal Injury

Athletic Spinal Injury

Athletic Spinal Injury

Personal Injury Spinal Injury

Personal Injury Spinal Injury

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